” A Good Practice Area” A Music Factory Minute

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Hey guys here’s a little 5 minute Rant for you. Great little subject matter came up here as I was talking to one of the guitar teachers Brian, and he had gone over to a student’s house for dinner with the family and stuff And he noticed that the student Had A practice set up In his room that was really similar to what Brian uses in the guitar room. With his music stand sitting right there with the iPad on a iPad holder that attaches right to the music stand that’s what we use and a lot of the music rooms you know along with a Bluetooth speaker. Everything was just ready to go almost exactly like it is in the guitar lesson room and it kind of spurred this conversation that we’ve talked about before about setting up a really good practice zone or practice music room in your house to really make that practice time. Feel a lot better and be more productive and you know so if you’re just getting started with music or maybe even doing lessons for a while or maybe one of your kids is doing lessons something that can really help to make this issue. A much easier thing to tackle because that’s obviously something you hear quite often is you know my kid doesn’t seem like they want to practice. Part of that is you got to make sure that you know they’re playing in a good situation. So the gear. That they’re playing on has to be good if the guitar is hard to play. [1:44.0]

[00:01:45] It’s not going to be easy to practice if you know they don’t have it set up good words comfortable to sit down and open up some apps on their you know iPad and plug in and really enjoy that experience. You’re not setting them up to win. So if you need any help. What would make a good practice set up for you or one of your kids feel free to let us know and we will gladly help you out. Thanks so much [27.6]


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