The Music Lesson Business Academy

Discover how The Music Lesson Business Academy can get you more students, double your profits and give you more free time.

The Business Accelerator coaching platform is designed just for you, the Music School Business owner. This personal coaching program will help you grow your studio and help you attain your business goals. Whether you want more students, more profit or want to have more time to yourself, this program will push you and your business skills way beyond what you ever imagined.

How does the Business Accelerator Coaching Platform Work?

The program is a 3 month coaching package that includes;

Website layout, design, functionality and strategy

I will do a deep dive on your website and send you a mock up of changes I am recommending. We will check back end functionality and then set up proper landing pages to help increase your conversion rates.

Crafting your message

It’s crucial that we get your branding and messaging right. I’ll help you craft your message so that it’s in your voice.

SEO strategies and training

SEO is a long game. There is no short cut and you can’t game the system. We will develop an SEO strategy that works for you and will, over time, improve your SEO rankings.

Branding and marketing workshop

The number one thing that business owners mess up is their brand identity, or lack of brand identity. I’ll take you through my brand identity workshop and when you come out the other side, you will have a clear brand identity that will guide every business decision you make moving forward.

Organic Social Media strategy and training

For local business, social media is not the panacea that it might be for global brands. However, we want to ensure that you have a decent social media presence and a strategy to make it work for you.

Facebook Ads strategy and implementation

Currently, Facebook ads are the best deal in advertising. Let’s take advantage of it while we can. I’ll help you set up a Facebook ads strategy and get it implemented.

Off line marketing workshop

Let’s get old school on this one and work on some off line marketing for your school.

Hiring and  training, plan and implementation workshop

I have 18 years experience in hiring, training and firing employees when I worked in big box retail. I am great at hiring people and i’ll teach you my secrets.

And Much More!

The training will be done through phone calls, emails, skype, video conferencing, screen shares and more

This is a personal plan designed for your situation.

Includes (nearly) unlimited phone calls and email with me during the three month program

Plan on spending at least 6 to 10 hours of time with me on phone calls

Some other key points


This is a limited program. I can only work with a few school during a 3 month period

I am a Music School owner who is dealing with the same challenges as you.

This is for multi teacher schools and for private teachers who want to grow into a bigger school or business

How Much Does it Cost ?

$999.00 For the three month package. Make three easy monthly payments of $333.00.


What You Should Do Next

Contact Danny at or call me at 714-343-8767

We will do  a free consultation over the phone

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