DJ Lessons


If you have always wanted to be a Dj, we are here to make your dreams come true. We can take you from absolute beginner to club level DJ.  Our DJ Students have a blast learning everything from the basics to advanced techniques during their Dj lessons.

What our DJ students learn

  • Signal flow

  • Where to get their music

  • How to set up play lists

  • How to beat match

  • How to set cue points

  • How to “drop” a song

  • Advanced mixing techniques

  • Use of effects

  • Mixing Software

What gear do I need to buy

Dj’ing has become much more affordable over the last few years. A basic self contained DJ controller such as this one HERE, a computer to plug it in to and some headphones is really all you need to get started.

Who Is the ideal Student

Anyone can learn to DJ and it is a great skill to have. We recommend students be at least 10 years old to start DJ lessons. No previous experience is needed.

Who are the DJ Teachers

Music Factory teachers all go through an extensive certification program that is exclusive to our school. Our DJ instructors are true industry professionals.

Prices for DJ Lessons

60 Minute Lesson Package $259/00 per month

What you should do next

Call us at 866-796-4443 or fill out the form below to get started with a FREE 30 minute trial class


Dj Lessons

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