Rock Band Classes

 Rock Band Classes

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Nothing will make a young or aspiring music lover grow faster than playing in a rock band classes. But that’s only half of the story. Band members learn important life lessons like team building, goal setting and problem-solving. There is no better confidence builder than playing a live rock and roll show in front of a big crowd. This is a great benefit for both young students as well as adults.

The Music Factory has band classes for students of all ages, as young as 4 years old in our Kidzrock classes, all the way up to adults who can participate in one of our “Mid Life Crisis” adult band camps.


 JR Rockers

Rock band classes for Beginners ages 7 to11


  jr. Rockerz (ages 7-11)  is an innovative music program that teaches kids how to play, write and sing songs in the setting of a rock band. Students rehearse instrumental songs and write their own lyrics to accompany the tune. The songs are custom designed for the program allowing younger students immediate access to the rock band experience. This unique program allows the complete beginner to participate in an ensemble before taking a single music lesson. Students in private lessons work with their instructor to learn more advanced sheet music for each song. Students who are not in private lessons play the beginner level parts to establish a core skill set. Jr. Rockerz also serves as a destination program for Kidzrock.

How the Jr. Rockerz Music Program Works

Each song in the program contains sheet music for both the complete beginner and more experienced musicians. As students build their skill set they can upgrade to a more advanced part within any given song. A complete beginner will often play a simple musical pattern that is augmented by other musicians playing more complex harmonies.

Band Only or Band and Lessons

We recommend that children start out in Jr. Rockerz before taking private lessons. This allows a student to feel successful and confident from the onset of their musical journey. The program is designed for immediate musical access. We recommend that a child add on private lessons once they are sold on the idea that playing an instrument is fun and rewarding.

Instruments in the Band

  • Guitar

  • Bass

  • Piano

  • Drums

Musical Skills Taught

  • How to read music

  • Beginner and intermediate level musicianship

  • Song structure

  • Songwriting

  • Ensemble performance

Rehearsal Time 1 weekly 1 hour rehearsal

Cost for JR Rockers:

“Performance pack 30” Weekly 30 – minute private lesson plus band only  $229.00 per month

Band class only $149.00

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 rock band class for kids


Rock band classes for Beginner and Intermediate players

Rock band Openers is for beginner musicians who have been playing a year or more. Bands will play easy or modified cover songs.




What do students learn in Rock Band Openers?

Power chords and riffs on guitar

Solid timing and fills on drums

Vocal harmonizing

Putting it all together for a great rock and roll show!


Requirements:  Minimum 9 months of lessons and teacher recommendation

Rehearsal time: 1 hour to 90 minutes per week ( 4 times a month)

Cost for Rock Band Openers:

“performance pack 30” 30 – minute private lesson and band class weekly. Only $229.00 per month

Band Class only $149.00 per month

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Rock Band Classes





rock band classes


Rock Band classes for intermediate and advanced students students


Headliners is the next progression in your band evolution. This class is designed for students who have been playing a year or more and can play complete rock/radio songs.  Themed performances will be planned and your band will slay it on stage!  A small audition and recommendation from your private instructor are required to be eligible for the Headliners program.  Bands play concerts 3 to 4  times a year. 


What do students learn in Rock Band Headliners ?

Complex arrangements of classic rock songs and complete albums

High-level interaction between band members

Guitar and drum tuning, tone and amplifier use

ow to do a professional sound check

How to do a recording session at a real studio


Rehearsal time: 1 hour to 90 minutes per week ( 4 times a month)

Cost for Rock Band Headliners:

“performance pack 30” 30 – minute private lesson and band class weekly. Only $229.00 per month

Band Class only $149.00 per month


Adult Band Classes!

Having a Mid-Life Crisis? We have the band class for you!

adult band classes

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Rock Band Classes





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