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Voice lessons

If you have always wanted to be a rock, pop, country, jazz, gospel or R&B singer, then we have the pitch-perfect voice professor just for you. Every week our voice students enjoy the challenge of physical exercises that are specifically designed to improve vocal range, ear training, breath control, vibrato, tone production, enunciation and much, much more.

Students set personal goals for their voice lessons. Along with your professor, you can work on sounding like your favorite recording artists. Or, if you prefer, you can develop your own unique voice. We also provide multiple opportunities for students to perform in public through performance events. Whatever your goals, we’ll help you find your voice in a fun, challenging way!

What you will learn

Music Factory voice students learn the correct techniques and theories connected with singing.  You also study how to read music; breath control, pitch control and how to apply all of this when singing the songs you know and love.

Who Is the ideal Student

Anyone who has a desire to sing, anyone who loves singing!

6 years old is a good age to start, but we teach students of all ages and abilities. Our students love to practice singing and really enjoy getting to exercise their vocal chords.

Free to sing along to your favorite music you can now apply the techniques and theories being studied in class!

Our Voice Lesson Programs

The Music Factory’s voice program ensures that you will master all of the techniques needed to enjoy singing. All students use a proven method book that helps guide students to success. Fun quizzes are also used to reinforce progress, making sure that a student’s learning is both on track and enjoyable.

Our programs are for all ages and abilities, be you a beginner, advanced, or somewhere in between.

Our Philosophy

We know through extensive experience that singing with other people –either in recitals or with bands– gives students the highest levels of enjoyment.  It also gives a real sense of accomplishment. This is essential for self-motivation when learning how to sing. In addition to focusing on the genre of your choice, we also focus on performances.

How we are different

Our voice professors are actual employees and not privately contracted. This ensures everyone is dedicated to your learning.

Required to have tailored lesson plans for each of their students our professors are also able to follow up on students’ lessons using the “Teacher Zone”. This is a cutting edge website that assigns and tracks student homework allowing us to be certain everything is moving forward.

Who are the Voice Professors

The professors at The Music Factory have all been through an extensive certification program and have either been awarded degrees from prestigious institutions or have extensive experience in the music industry.

Prices for Voice Lessons

30 Minute Lesson Package $169.00 per month
45 Minute Lesson Package $219.00 per month
60 Minute Lesson Package $279/00 per month

What you should do next

Simply fill out the 30-day lesson pass form or give us a call:  We’re always ready to help.

We look forward to arranging a session for you with the perfect professor, be it for you, your child, or –if you want to surprise someone with the perfect gift– a friend.


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