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Anthony Riedelsheimer – Drums

Drum Coach

Born in Donauwoerth, Germany, Jürgen Anthony Riedelsheimer showed a talent and interest in music at a very young age performing vocals, drums & percussion. His formal drum and music education included rigorous private studies with world-renowned contemporary artists spanning all genres throughout Europe and the U.S. His formal music education includes Jazz & Rock School in Freiburg, Germany, a satellite school of Berkley College of Music in Boston, MA. He also attended Music College in Regensburg, Germany. Jürgen Anthony holds a degree in Jazz & Contemporary Music and Education. In 1997, Jürgen Anthony founded the band project “ArToFjAzZ”. The band is made of professional musicians that have built their careers in the United States & Europe and started as a collective of musicians seeking a forum for creativity.
His passions are great but not limited to music. For Jürgen Anthony, cycling has become very dear to his heart. He lives by a philosophy of a balanced and healthy lifestyle, and has inspired others to progress through good nutrition, exercise, and a healthy positive attitude. Anthony completed his “Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition” on November 2013 2013, T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies and eCornell.


Interesting Facts About Anthony:

Hometown: A: Asbach-Baeumenheim

Dog or Cats? A: Dog

Favorite band? A: Mile Davis

Favorite food? A: Bananas

Favorite Junk Food ? A: Coconut Chocolate

If you could get on a plane right now and go anywhere, where would it be? A: India

Favorite Movie? A: The Pianist

Favorite Tv show? A:

Guilty pleasure tv show? A:

Fun fact: Anthony was a stamp collector as a youngster

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