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Kayla Miller


Kayla attended the Los Angeles College of Music in Pasadena, CA from September 2013 to March 2015.  There she studied under some of LA’s most famous Jazz and Rock sensations such as Tierney Sutton and Kacee Clanton.  Learning how to sing blues and country tunes to classic 80’s hits; Kayla is a well-rounded adverse singer.

Kayla Studied Jazz and improv 3 years previously moving to LA and has a huge love for big bands and scatting.  She has taken some of those techniques and incorporated those into her sound today.  You can find some of her songs and projects on her SoundCloud and YouTube. Growing up she was involved with many choirs, training classically and singing opera around her Seattle area.  She took private vocal lessons from age 15-19 continuing her classical background.  From age 10-13 she studied piano and continued her skills by writing tons of her own music and accompanying other singers.  She has auditioned for many singing TV shows and can help prepare any singer looking into that.

Currently Kayla has been working with a producer on an EDM album.  She has recorded about 8 songs with him as a session singer that were all released as singles.  The first song “Say My Name” is now available on ITunes.   She sang as a background singer for a cover band called “Neon Dusk” where they gigged all over the LA area from 2015-2016.  She has done several projects with many different producers that range from Pop tunes to Dance Electronic.  After getting married this past December 2016, Kayla and her husband made their own in-home studio where they record singers and bands in the local area and give private (piano & voice) lessons to students as well.

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