Why Everyone Should Play In A Band – A Music Factory Minute

By dannymusicfactory | In Uncategorized | on March 1, 2017

Hey guys. Danny Thompson here with another Music Factory minute. So I just got home from doing a rehearsal with our adult band camp. We call it midlife crisis band camp and I’m sitting in and playing drums for these guys on this one and helping out coach Luke and it sort of made me think about why everybody who likes music should play in a band. Now when I say play in a band I don’t mean like that you have to go after it Aal serious and practice three times a week and try to make it and earn your living doing it. But just to get the experience of playing in a band. So tonight with the adults you know it really came down to a lot of camaraderie and we’ve got a great gig coming up which is going to be a really great experience for them.  Some of them have played a couple of shows before but not very many. And several of them have never played in a band in front of a live audience so that’s going to be a really amazing experience for them  as people who like to play guitar and play keyboards . They’re getting so much education in the 12 hour camp that we’re doing that it’s really like a year’s worth of private lessons wrapped up into A short camp. It’s amazing how much faster people progress when they’re put in that position of playing in a band for kids certainly they get that same element. The kids who play in the bands progress so much faster.  But what I think is really important about it for the kids is all the life lessons and other things that you learn when you have to be in a band. Teamwork, setting goals,  making a commitment . I’m going to be in the band. That means you’re there. That means you show up when you’re supposed to be there.  If you don’t learn your parts you’re letting the other people in the band down you know having that goal of playing that show and being in that position to have people count on you it’s similar to being on a sports team. So I think that’s an amazing reason for younger kids to play in bands. So that’s it. That’s why everyone should play in a band. That was a Music Factory minute. Talk to you soon.


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