Why does my throat hurt when i sing?

Tuesday March 10, 2015
The Music Factory OC

Why does my throat hurt when I sing?
Your throat may become strained or irritated from singing because of
excess tension. Tension can become a serious problem, so be sure to
address it right away. Singing should feel easy and effortless. You
should never feel any pain. If you do, make an appointment with a
singing teacher or perhaps a voice therapist. These trained
individuals can identify what the problem is and how to fix it.

Why is my voice raspy?
Raspiness is the result of an irritated voice. The vocal folds (cords)
may become rough and swollen. There are many causes of irritation. The
most common cause is vocal strain. Most people strain their voices
when singing and even speaking in their daily life without realizing
it! (Take voice lessons or see a voice therapist for good, healthy
vocal technique.) Sometimes, people may get a raspy voice from
overuse. The muscles can get tired just like any other part of our
body. (Voice teachers can help exercise your voice to keep it strong
and avoid fatigue.)

Why do I lose my voice shortly after I sing a concert?
Loosing your voice completely can be quite devastating, but the voice
can usually miraculously recover with a simple thing called rest – a
difficult healing process that involves not using your voice at all
for an extended amount of time. If you lose your voice after
performances, ask yourself the following question: Do I practice at
the same intensity and duration as when I perform? It’s possible that
you strain to sing louder or more powerfully when you perform, which
may cause an excess of vocal irritation. Also, your voice may not be
used to singing for such a long period of time. It is important to
practice building up your vocal stamina before every performance. If
you lose your voice frequently, be sure to work on better vocal health
techniques. Losing your voice can lead to serious health consequences,
and besides, when you’re a superstar that needs to perform all day
every day, the audiences aren’t going to wait for your voice to rest!

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