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Tuesday March 24, 2015
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Voice Lessons
There are many benefits to taking voice lessons, and you can start taking voice lessons at any age. Among the benefits is the huge boost learning how to sing gives your confidence and self-esteem. Learning how to sing in front of a large audience greatly increases both. Voice lessons also teach you how to master the pitch and tone of your voice until it becomes almost effortless. While taking voice lessons, you will be able to experiment with different styles, from modern to classical, and you’ll eventually be able to pinpoint the style that is best for your voice.
There are physiological benefits to voice lessons as well. As you practice singing, you will continually build your lung capacity. Voice lessons use a number of exercises that are specifically designed to build your lung capacity. Over time, these exercises will build your capacity until eventually it is much greater than when you first started taking voice lessons. As you build your lung capacity, you will also improve your appoggio, or techniques to manage your breath. Breath management is very important to being a successful singer, and there are thirty six muscles involved in breath control when you are singing. The correct posture and control of the diaphragm are also extremely important to producing the best results when singing. These are techniques that you can learn best from a trained instructor in formal voice lessons.
You will also be able to exercise your vocal cords, which has several benefits. As you build your vocal cords’ strength, you will develop a rounder, more controlled sound. This will increase your range as well as your ability to hold a single note or sing a true or vocal trill vibrato. Many amateur singers sing false vibrato, in which they create the effect either with their diaphragm or jaw. These styles of singing a vibrato are not as technically proficient as a vocal trill vibrato. Creating a vibrato by quivering the jaw and tongue sounds less natural than a vocal trill vibrato. Creating a vibrato by rhythmically pushing on the diaphragm, as many amateur singer often do, creates a tremolo effect, in which the volume of the note wavers along with the pitch. A singer who has been trained in true vibrato, and developed her vocal cords with voice lessons will not have these problems.
Strengthening vocal cords by taking voice lessons also makes you less susceptible to laryngitis and vocal cord strain. This is very important, as laryngitis and vocal cord strain are two major afflictions that sideline even professional singers. Singers who have strengthened their vocal cords will not only suffer from these problems but also recover from them more quickly if and when they occur. Maintaining the health of the vocal cords is vital to professional and amateur singers alike, and voice lessons will help you to do this.
As you can see, there are plenty of great reasons to start taking voice lessons as soon as possible! They are fun, educational, and hugely beneficial to your ability as a singer.

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