5 Way To Get The Most From Your Voice Lessons

Wednesday August 19, 2015
The Music Factory OC


Seems that voice lessons are very popular these days. Young and old are getting in with a teacher and building on their love for singing by adding some skills that are helping them to sing longer, sing better with a better tonal range and to just overall enjoy singing more. Many guitar and piano students are adding voice lessons to their weekly classes to ad another element to their enjoyment of music. This article was written to give you some tips on what you can do to get the most from your lessons. Enjoy!


Five ways to get the most out of your voice lessons:

1. Come prepared! Nothing is worse than getting to class than feeling rushed and out of breath, especially for your voice class! Try to stay away from dairy a couple hours prior to your lesson and make sure to hydrate all day.

2. Keep your practice schedule as solid as possible. Doing your warm ups throughout the week is as important as doing them in class. Try and change them up frequently, this way your voice is constantly challenged. If you are unable to do them with a piano at home, record them in class to take home with you.

3. Record yourself as often as possible. We always sound a little different in our heads as opposed to what others hear. It’s healthy to hear your strong and weak points, that way we can work from there. Remember we are always improving so if you hear something you don’t like, it will get better! Part of our job as singers is listening with an open mind and open ears.

4. Ask your voice teacher about different genres of music, they know best since they are exposed on a daily basis. It’s important to hear different singers, as opposed to what is just on the radio or television. We always need to be inspired and you’d be surprised as to what is out there, it may change your entire outlook on what you strive to do with your singing career.

5. Push yourself to get comfortable with singing in front of others. Even if your goal isn’t to be on the stage, your beautiful voice is meant to be shared! Embrace your talent and hard work. Putting yourself out there is never easy but remember it is part of the journey as a singer. Taking part in the school recitals etc. is important, it gives a sense of comradery and self confidence.


Lauren Chanel Cobb is a voice and piano instructor at the Music Factory school of Music. She is also the lead singer of the band ” Hank and her ponies”. They can be seen playing all throughout California. She resides in Huntington Beach, California.

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