Singing Lessons in Huntington Beach takes a new twist

Monday January 18, 2016
The Music Factory OC

Singing Lessons In Huntington Beach Takes A New Twist


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The Music Factory School of Music in Costa Mesa and serving Huntington Beach has added some new singing classes to it’s growing list of offerings. Glee Factory are group vocal classes that meet once a week and allow students to work on their singing skills in a group class setting. One of the nice things about Glee voice classes is that it brings a social element to your music development. Normally you are attending a private music lesson each week which is great for increasing your skills and knowledge as a singer or musician, but isn’t the most social activity that you might participate in. Adding a social element where kids and adults can build relationships and friends that they look forward to seeing each week can go a long way towards keeping a student motivated. Another great element of group vocal classes is that your skills increase because you are forced to harmonize and cue off of other singers. This is a great addition to any singers weekly lessons. These classes are for kids and adults and there will be multiple performance opportunities for students.

Glee Classes and Group voice classes at the Music Factory

Kids Glee ages 8 to 10 Tuesday 7:00pm weekly for one hour

Kids Glee ages 11 to 15 Tuesday 6:00pm weekly for one hour

Adult Vocal Ensemble ages 16 and up Tuesday 8:00pm weekly for one hour

Glee classes are only $49.99 per month!

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