Kids Music Lessons in Huntington Beach

Wednesday January 27, 2016
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Kids Music Lessons In Huntington Beach

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In this post I am going to cover what the options are for kids music lessons in Huntington Beach – Costa Mesa area and what some of the issues you should be thinking about with regards to kids music lessons.

Private or Group classes:

     So there are a couple of things to think about with regards to whether you want to do private lessons or group lessons. In general, private lessons are more effective at teaching your child. The price is higher than group lessons but when you calculate how much more the student learns in a shorter period of time, your long term “cost” is actually lower. Private lessons are going to be a higher quality and can be tailored to fit your child’s specific needs. However, it is important to think about the age factor of your child. Kids under 7 or 8 don’t always do well with private music instruction and if they are under 5, you most likely will not want to do private lessons. There are exceptions to this but you will want to evaluate that on a child by child basis. If you are starting a young child in private music lessons the best instrument, in most cases, is the piano.

Where group lessons can be a better choice than private lessons, is with a young child. When getting a very young child started in music, the goal is really just to expose them to music while teaching them some basics. You’re not looking to turn them into some prodigy overnight. Let them explore and enjoy playing music. Group classes are great for this because the kids can try different instruments and they also have the social element of having other kids in the class. Our kidzrock classes here at the Music Factory are the perfect choice for this. You can learn more about kidzrock here. 

What I would tend to avoid is a kids group class that is just focused on a single instrument such as guitar or piano group lessons. The kids learn very little and it’s not the most fun environment for them either.

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