Top 5 strategies to get your kid to practice music

Tuesday February 7, 2017
The Music Factory OC

Whether your child has expressed their own interest in playing an instrument, or you are making it a part of their routine to expand their horizons, getting them to practice regularly can be a daunting task. If you are struggling, here are the top five strategies that can get your kid to practice.

#1 Set Daily Goals

It is often said that children should practice for a set amount of time each day. While this is easy to keep track of, there is no motivation for them so can seem tedious. Instead, try setting a daily goal to achieve during their daily practice. Whether it takes 10 minutes or an hour, as soon as they accomplish their goal, they can be done.

#2 Time Practice Wisely

Plan practice times for when your child will be most creative and the least stressed. For example, in the morning rather than when they are tired in the evening. You don’t want it to seem as though they are being rushed or forced into getting their practice done.

#3 Create a Practice-Friendly Environment

Give them a fun and inviting place to practice. A dedicated space for their equipment and practice is helpful, even if it’s just in the corner of a room. They will be more drawn to their own personal music place that is semi-private but doesn’t keep them too secluded.

#4 Make it Fun

Keep practice fun. You can add different elements to it like making a game out of their music, inviting others to come and watch them occasionally, or even offering prizes for successful sessions.

#5 Celebrate Accomplishments

Whenever your child accomplishes something, make sure you celebrate it! The task of learning a new instrument can be overwhelming for kids. If you show them how proud you are and recognize when a new milestone has been reached, they will want to continue their progression.

With these tips, hopefully, you can ease the daily battles over practice. You want to establish their development as an important part of each day that you intentionally make time for. By making it a priority and putting effort into making it enjoyable, they are more likely to be accepting of this new part of their life. 

Best of luck and we’d love to hear any strategies that work for you in the comments below.

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