Why Everyone Should Play In A Rock Band At Least Once In Their Life

Wednesday June 21, 2017
The Music Factory OC

Despite what many people might assume, playing in a rock band is not just a big party. While it is fun, it also requires serious dedication, skill, effort, and teamwork. You can learn some very valuable lessons and they go beyond just the music. Here’s some insight on why everyone can benefit from the experience of playing in a rock band at least once in their life.

Become a better team player

When you are playing in a band, you get to know your band members VERY well. You know their quirks, love interests, problems, sense of humor, style, talents, and ego. As is true in any close relationships, there will likely be disagreements at times and competition. All band members must learn to work together. Each must know when to step up and when to step back. This requires emotional intelligence, compromise, and humility. While there are likely to be tiffs, the process helps you learn what it really means to work together and play as one unit. This experience can strengthen your ability to understand yourself and others and to work together toward a common goal.

Improve your skills

In working with other musicians, you are bound to pick up a few things as they will pick up things from you. Hopefully, your band keeps the lines of communication open, creating an environment of constructive criticism where all members can grow. Furthermore, you will be practicing and playing more often which will help you strengthen your skills.

Become more accountable

When you are in a band, you have other people counting on you. You are expected to come prepared and ready to play your part. This requires showing up on time, practicing so you can contribute your best, and being ready when you are supposed to be ready. If one band member isn’t pulling their weight, the whole band will be brought down. Having this responsibility can teach you how important it is to be accountable in other areas of life.

Have a blast

Making music is also an awesome creative outlet. Playing in a band allows you to interact with other musicians, come up with new ideas, bounce ideas off of each other, and have fun. There is something that happens when the band is really jamming and in the zone together that some people call transcendence while others just say it’s just bliss.


Next time you see a band playing, remember that what you’re seeing is the result of lots of practice and dedication from each band member. It’s an experience that can help you in many ways and one that many musicians treasure for the rest of their lives.

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