5 Way To Get The Most From Your Voice Lessons

  Seems that voice lessons are very popular these days. Young and old are getting in with a teacher and building on their love for singing by adding some skills that are helping them to sing longer, sing better with a better tonal range and to just overall enjoy singing more. Many guitar and piano … Continue reading “5 Way To Get The Most From Your Voice Lessons”

Why does my child sing so Quietly?

Why does my child sing so quietly? By Allison Zema One of the most frequent questions I receive from parents deals with simply hearing a child when they sing. “My child is always so loud when they talk but when they sing I can barely hear them. Are they just shy?” Sometimes that answer is … Continue reading “Why does my child sing so Quietly?”

Voice lessons in Orange County California

Voice Lessons There are many benefits to taking voice lessons, and you can start taking voice lessons at any age. Among the benefits is the huge boost learning how to sing gives your confidence and self-esteem. Learning how to sing in front of a large audience greatly increases both. Voice lessons also teach you how … Continue reading “Voice lessons in Orange County California”

Why does my throat hurt when i sing?

Why does my throat hurt when I sing? Your throat may become strained or irritated from singing because of excess tension. Tension can become a serious problem, so be sure to address it right away. Singing should feel easy and effortless. You should never feel any pain. If you do, make an appointment with a … Continue reading “Why does my throat hurt when i sing?”

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