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A Better Way For Kids To Learn To Play Piano
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My child loves his piano lab class . We tried piano lessons before but he just didn't take to it. I think the video lessons are so entertaining and really well done! -Julie

Our Modern Piano Lab class in Aliso Viejo breaks away from the traditional, stuffy private piano lesson model and gives kids a better way to learn to play the piano. Kids ages 6 to 10 years old work through the amazing video curriculum presented by Mr. Henry’s Music World, take quizzes, and receive instruction and feedback by a MPL certified instructor.

By working at their own pace, kids can relax, and enjoy learning and in many cases, learn faster than kids in traditional piano lessons. Students can also access the curriculum from home and continue to make progress throughout the week.
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The Truth about kids and piano lessons

Here's the truth... Kids pretty much hate traditional piano lessons. Parent's like them and for good reason, but most kids do not. Now that I think of it, there's plenty for parents to hate about piano lessons as well.

Every piano teacher and music school owner has heard it hundreds if not thousands of times: "We're gonna take a break from music lessons. "My child isn't practicing and I have to drag them to lessons." And here's the thing: I totally understand that feeling. I felt that way for years and years of taking lessons. I had a desire to learn to play music. I loved music. But I still was nervous and didn't love my actual lessons. You very well may have felt the same way. When you think about it, it makes sense. The student is usually a young child. The teacher is an adult. They sit next to each other on a bench and the student is put under the teachers microscope. No matter how you try to make it fun or try to make the student not feel nervous because they didn't really practice, they still do. Even adult students feel this way!

Why Modern Piano Lab Is A Better Way To Learn How to Play Piano In Aliso Viejo

Modern Piano lab puts students at ease by letting them work at their own pace and giving them encouragement and rewards for making their way through the highly entertaining curriculum. Each student learns at their own workstation with headphones on. The teacher can listen in, and answer questions, and check work as the student moves through the chapters. No pressure. Just help.

The Heart and Soul of Modern Piano Lab

At the heart of the Modern Piano Lab is the curriculum created by Mr. Henry's Music World. Mr. Henry is a public school curriculum writer, a music teacher. and He also has a podcast called "The Music Podcast for Kids", which was featured by The New York Times. Each chapter of the course contains video lessons and play-alongs as well as printed materials and quizzes for the student to take home in their Piano Lab Folder.

What's so wonderful about the course is the style and quality of the videos. It's like School House Rock but for piano lessons. The lessons teach the music concepts using stories and examples that kids will understand and relate to. Kids will look forward to doing these lessons.


How much is Modern Piano Lab?

$199 per month. That includes a 60-minute scheduled in-person group class. Plus, full access to Mr. Henry's "Rockin' The Keys" piano curriculum which can be accessed from home. Students can also attend a second class by enrolling in one of the floating make-up day classes.

What equipment do we have to purchase for the class?

We suggest student bring their own headphones to the class. Over-the- ear, larger, old school style headphones are best. We will have extras on hand and some for sale as well. We provide everything else. However, students should have a keyboard at home. We can help you get one if you need assistance.

Who is Modern Piano Lab for?

Modern Piano Lab is for kids 6 to 10 years old. (A curriculum and version of this class for older kids will be coming in the future.

Is Modern Piano Lab better for kids than private lessons?

Yes, we believe so. And there is practical evidence from music schools around the country to support that. Private lessons are better for students AFTER they are more advanced in their chosen instrument. Private lessons are often uncomfortable and stressful for not only young students but adults as well. You are under a spotlight from the teacher and most kids do not find private lessons to be fun.

Is Mr. Henry's piano curriculum available at other music schools?

Not really. He teaches it in public schools in his area and in the future it will be available at other schools, but as of now, we are the only private music school in the country with access.

How many kids can be in each class?

We are limiting it to 6 kids per class.

Do the Students interact or play together?

Yes, the instructor does class as a group at the beginning and end of each lab. Students talk about what they worked on and learned that day and other students might demonstrate a musical concept or play a song.

What do Students learn in Modern Piano Lab?

The curriculum starts at the very beginning and teaches music theory, technique, songs, improvisation, and even some song writing.

How long does it take a student to go through the entire curriculum?

Students work at their own pace, so it can vary, but anywhere from 9 months to a year and a half.

What do students do when they finish The Modern Piano Lab curriculum?

We are working on a next level curriculum for advanced and older kids. Students can also move into private piano lessons after they complete Modern Piano Lab.

Where is this class offered?

Our Modern Piano Lab class is only available at the Aliso Viejo location. If you are looking for piano lessons in Costa Mesa, click here

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