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1125 Victoria Street, Suite C
Costa Mesa, CA 92627866-796-4443

Our music lessons in Costa Mesa, CA are located in the Top of The Hill Plaza at the corner of Victoria St and Valley,right up the hill from the Trader Joe’s plaza at Brookhurst and Hamilton.The Plaza has amazing parking and houses some other super cool businesses such as Bob White’s Karate Studio, Fermentation Farm, and The Water Brewery. There is even a nail salon, dry cleaners, and a convenience store.

A short drive from the 55 fwy and about a mile west of Harbor Blvd, our music school is located in Costa Mesa, near Huntington Beach, Fountain Valley, and Newport Beach.

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Don’t settle for the way Music Lessons have always been done

Boring lessons
Unorganized programs
Stale recitals and events
Flaky Contractor teachers
Outdated systems
Nightmare make up lessons

How does the Music Factory keep students engaged and loving their lessons every week?

Student testing and rewards program
Students work through the Music Factory books and test and get rewards along the way. This ensures that students get a well-rounded music education while they are having the time of their lives.
Awesome events and recitals
Our music events are unlike any other Music school recitals. We make these events fun and entertaining for the entire family.
Cloud-based learning system
Our cloud-based learning management system allows the music lesson to go home with you and be in the student's pocket until the next lesson
Redeem points for prizes in our store
Students earn points for attendance, performance, and practice. We reward students for being awesome!

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