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"I'm not your average customer here. I'm 34 years old and wanted to improve my production skills in edm. Luckily they were able to accommodate me. I worked with Trevor, their in house dj instructor, and was able to get a ton of great advice. The staff is very friendly, my instructor was fantastic, and they were always happy to accommodate my hectic schedule. I've taken a lot of lessons at different places and The Music Factory was one of the best. Thanks guys!"- Carlo P

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Looking for a Huntington Beach DJ Class? Learn to DJ with The Music Factory’s “DJ School”, Scratch Factory classes. Our DJ instructors can take you from beginner looking to DJ a local party to PRO level DJ capable of hosting New Years Eve in the biggest of Vegas clubs. If you are looking to get more into music production we have you covered their as well. We teach the latest software programs and computer based recording programs to get you on your way to writing your own material. Our classes are one on one private lessons tailored for the individual student. DJ students can be complete beginners or advanced DJ’s looking to expand. DJ’s of all ages are welcome.

DJ School, Music Production, DJ Lessons

Here are some of the things you will learn:

• Mixing
• Transition techniques
• Timing
• Scratching
• Use of effects such as echo, phase and EQ sweeps
• Different types of gear and software



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Rates for private instruction:

DJ and Music Production classes are 60 minute in length and meet once a week. (private classes)
$259.00 per month

There is a one time $39.00 sign up fee

Music Factory students get a FREE month of lessons for every student they refer to us! This program is exclusive to the Music Factory.
* 30 day lesson pass does not apply to DJ classes
* 10% family discount does not apply to DJ students.

Don’t settle for the way Music Lessons have always been done

Boring lessons
Unorganized programs
Stale recitals and events
Flaky Contractor teachers
Outdated systems
Nightmare make up lessons

How does the Music Factory keep students engaged and loving their lessons every week?

Student testing and rewards program
Students work through the Music Factory books and test and get rewards along the way. This ensures that students get a well-rounded music education while they are having the time of their lives.
Awesome events and recitals
Our music events are unlike any other Music school recitals. We make these events fun and entertaining for the entire family.
Cloud-based learning system
Our cloud-based learning management system allows the music lesson to go home with you and be in the student's pocket until the next lesson
Redeem points for prizes in our store
Students earn points for attendance, performance, and practice. We reward students for being awesome!

30 Day Music Lesson Pass

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