Luke McClurg

guitar Teacher

Luke McClurg is a guitarist, singer/songwriter, producer, and audio engineer with a Bachelor of Music degree from the Berklee College of Music. He was born into a musical family and showed promise at a very young age, being able to sing on pitch and recite songs that he heard on the radio.

His first true musical experience came in elementary school when he started playing the violin in the school orchestra. He continued to play violin until sophomore year of high school. His love of music truly began to blossom when he joined the high school choir, becoming the first person at his school to go to the California All State Honors Choir two years in a row.

One day during his junior year Luke saw one of his musical friends jamming on an electric guitar over a 12-bar blues progression. He instantly fell in love with the music, becoming obsessed with artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and Stevie Ray Vaughan. He went straight out and got a job to buy his very own Fender Stratocaster and never looked back.

Once he was out of high school, Luke auditioned and was accepted to Berklee as a guitar performance major. During his first year there he continued to develop his foundation as a blues guitarist, as well as branching out into many more genres.

After one year at Berklee, Luke decided to take a break from his schooling. Seeking adventure, he moved to the electrically charged music city of Austin Texas. In Austin he gained invaluable experience playing at live events with world class acts. Eventually he decided to return to Boston to finish his schooling at Berklee where he continued to study guitar, as well as songwriting, production, and audio engineering.

In 2015 Luke graduated from Berklee and moved back to his hometown of Los Angeles. He began producing multiple artists as well as playing guitar for them and leading bands. He also continued to write and produce his own music, as well as working as an audio engineer in various recording studios. During this time, he also worked as a substitute teacher for Los Angeles Unified School District. Often this meant being placed in charge of classes of up to 30+ kids, both remotely and in person. And of course, he always used every opportunity he could to introduce children to music.

Luke’s degree from Berklee, his experience working with musicians in many different genres and from all walks of life, and his time spent working with large and small groups of children makes him exceptionally qualified to help anyone of any age level who wishes to take their musical ability to the next level. His experience as a producer also gives him the unique perspective of being able to not only help people learn to play music, but also to help them cultivate their creativity and MAKE music if they should so desire.

Luke continues to be inspired by his students and has nothing but the utmost gratitude for the opportunity to introduce people to the endless possibilities and the magic of music.

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