Online Guitar Lessons for Adults

A Smarter Way To Learn To Play The Guitar
Use our cutting edge tools to learn to play the guitar in a fraction of the time so you can focus on what matters most
"I took in-person lessons for several years and then stopped. When I came back and did online lessons, I was BLOWN AWAY! It is way better! I couldn't believe it! - Max McConnell

The lessons are virtual but the learning is real

Live One-on-one Private Lesson with a Certified Music Factory Guitar Teacher (30-40 min/week) using our Lesson Success Formula

Hundreds of pre-recorded lesson videos to compliment your private lessons

24/7 easy access to your lesson materials & assignments in account

A well crafted, weekly lesson assignment to work on from home between your private lessons

Use our cutting edge tools to learn to play the guitar in a fraction of the time so you can focus on what matters most

After 30 days we guarantee you’ll love your lessons or pay nothing - and keep the guitar course for free!

"After I saw this, there's no way I could go back to the 'Old way' ... This is way better. Plus this is one of the few times I've had a guitar teacher who followed a plan." - Tom M.

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Progress faster with our guitar lesson success formula

We’ve taken the best of what we did in-person for 15 years and adapted it and added to it to create the most efficient online guitar lesson program available. Each lessons includes:

A Fundamental Pillar

We always teach you a fundamental pillar. Our pillars are: Scales, chords, hand and finger technique, music theory, and reading.

Learning A Song You Love

This is the fun part! Let’s apply those fundamental pillars and learn to play covers of your favorite songs.

Creative Expression

We take the chords & patterns that you have learned in the lesson and encourage you to be  creative: improvise, make your own chord progression, or even write your own song!

Something to Work on at Home

Let’s face it: how fast you progress really depends on what you do at home during the week. Your teacher will give you a well crafted assignment to work on at home which will be a path to learning guitar faster. You can even upload your own practice videos and send them to your teacher…BEFORE your next lesson.


"The combination of the live online lesson with the pre-recorded guitar course makes it so much easier and more fun. I can't believe nobody really put that together before." - Carlos A.

Here's What makes our online guitar lesson program more efficient, effective, convenient and better quality

The Way We Deliver Private Lessons
Online guitar lessons are the same format as in-person. Each lesson covers a fundamental pillar. Then we have fun by covering a song and getting creative. You always leave your lesson with an amazing assignment to work on at home.
Access Hundreds of Video Lessons & Quizzes
Progress faster when you use our complete on demand guitar course to complement your live, one on one lessons! Valued at hundreds of dollars on its own - this course allows you to access content to learn from anytime you want! 

High Quality Instruction from Certified Teachers
Our guitar teachers are employees - not contractors like most places. They have been trained to deliver your lessons according to our strict standards. Our quality is simply better than everyone else's. We guarantee it.
Forget Zoom or Facetime! The platform we use for online guitar lessons, Muzie, was designed specifically for online music lessons by a guitar teacher. It includes

A Smarter Way To Learn To Play The Guitar

Use our cutting edge tools to learn to play the guitar in a fraction of the time so you can focus on what matters most

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FAQ about our Online Guitar Lessons

The online lessons are live, private and one on one just like any in-person lesson would be. However, we have a complete, pre -recorded guitar course that we give you for free that you can use to enhance your guitar lesson experience. 

Use your lesson time for the most valuable elements. Don't spend precious one on one time learning how to tune your guitar or how to play a basic E chord. This critcal element of our program makes learning easier and WAY more efficient.

You can learn a ton from this course and show up at your lesson having already learned basic concepts, chords, scales and more.

There are many reason. With the programs we use, you get some many more tools than you would in in-person lessons. Visual tools that help you to understand the concepts better. Tools to record, make notes, build lesson homework assignments and more. Students spend more time playing and practicing when doing online verses in-person. You don;' have to pack up your guitar, travel, unpack your guitar, do a lesson, pack up your guitar and travel home. When you get home, you don't strat playing again. With on;ine lessons, when the teacher logs off the lesson, you can keep working on whatever you and the teacher were working on.

It's pretty simple.. A computer like a lap top or desk top is best. You can do lessons on a tablet if that's allyou have. We do not reccomend using a phone. Most lap tops have a web cam. If you are on a desk top you will need a webcam. Other than that, just some headphones and you can get started. As you progress you will potentially want to upgrade to a set up similar to what our teachers are using and we can help you with that..

Students age 10 and up is perfect for online guitar lessons. 

 No. Most teachers haven't done anything like that during in-person lessons for years. With our multiple camera set up you will get a better view than you would get from in-person lessons

 Really there aren't any. Most of what we do at online guitar lessons is better than in-person lessons. The only area that is different is that the teacher will record quick clips for you to jam along with instead of trying to jam together.
Either will work just fine. The acoustic will be picked up by your computer mic. If you hve an electric you can plug it into the amp and the computer mic will pick it up just like the acoustic.
We do not sell anything but we can give you a good run down of things to get to make an amazing home lesson studio.
Pretty much all internet going into a home will work fine. Here is one thing you can do that makes it work way better. Plug your computer directly into the wifi router.. Use what's called an ethernet cable. You can get em on amazon super cheap. This gives you best internet speeds

 We do tons of beginners all the way through some professional musicians.Everything in between as well..