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Guitar lessons haven’t changed in 50 years

You show up at some dingy, uninspired facility, maybe the back room of a music store or at best, a thrown-together cubicle with a “music school sign” out front.

The teacher might be a cool person, but they probably don’t really have a plan for you. They work on songs with you and at the next lesson, it all starts over again. They don’t have a long term plan that matches your long term goals.

After the lesson, they scribble down illegible notes on a crumpled piece of paper, or in the margins of an unlabeled, handwritten guitar tab that looks like hieroglyphs – and you are somehow supposed to decipher and practice from at home. All of this adds up to an uninspired, disorganized, and inefficient lesson experience.

It’s Time For That To Change.

Welcome to the future of guitar lessons

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weekly or bi-weekly private lesson

Get the best in personal, one on one lessons, from a certified Music Factory Guitar Teacher. Pick the program that works best for you. Busy people love the bi-weekly lessons. You will use our online guitar course to enhance your lessons.

A complete Online Guitar Course

Access our world-class online guitar course. You can work at your own pace and enhance your personal lessons with your instructor. The course includes video lessons, quizzes, live chat for questions, weekly live guitar lessons, and more!

Seesaw learning management program

Lesson assignments are loaded up into Seesaw at the end of your lessons. Videos, PDF's, Youtube links. Review in between lessons

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