5 Benefits of Group Piano Lessons

With The Music Factory offering Group Piano Lessons soon, many of you may be wondering what benefits you can gain from group lessons in comparison to individual lessons. Here are five ways group lessons may help students learn to play more effectively. 1.Confidence When learning to play the piano in a group, students get comfortable … Continue reading “5 Benefits of Group Piano Lessons”

Face to Face With The Music Factory – The Music Factory OC

Alright, Costa Mesa, ‘fess up. Haven’t we all – at one time or another – wanted to be a *ROCK*STAR*? Touring the world in a blur of sound checks, screaming fans, stages, spotlights, guitar riffs, endless encores, and leather. Definitely leather. Well, thanks to one local, Costa Mesa establishment, your rock dreams are about to … Continue reading “Face to Face With The Music Factory – The Music Factory OC”

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